Our goal • To make the world more physically active and playful. To educate through sports and their values.


OLYMPIA is the super-app of sports based on the blockchain. It offers many functionalities and services to make sports more easy, fun and accessible: activity tracker, workout routines, court booking, partner finder, event registration, level rating systems and many more. OLYMPIA is designed around a universal sports ID, it rewards people for being physically active.

A super-app is a platform offering various services under one umbrella. The services can be activated or not. They work independently and can come from third-party sources. WeChat is one of the most popular super-apps in the world with over a billion users and several million downloadable mini-programs (services).

OLYMPIA aims to become the sports and wellness super-app.

Yes, the Blockchain is at the core of OLYMPIA. Not only in the technology we use but in the way we see the world and social relationships.

Every day, we give points based on people’s activity and contribution to the community. Those points are digital tokens that we call Olympia Tokens or simply OLX. The more active you are and the more you contribute to the OLYMPIA community, the more tokens you will earn.

A unique identity system for people who are physically active, or who want to be, based on the blockchain. The ID aims to become the main point of access to all the services necessary for the practice of sport (partner finder, facility booking, event ticket purchase, access to your club, funding of your sports project, sports collectibles, registration to competitions, level rating system and many more).

It will also allow you to bring all the statistics and data related to your physical activity in one single place and to own them.

In short, the “Universal Sports ID” is like a passport for sports.

A level rating system for each sport that is both universal & unisex.

Universal because it is a language spoken and understood by all players regardless of their nationality, their club or the federation they belong to. Unisex because men and women are assessed and ranked together and not separately as in most sports. The universal ranking is powered by an algorithm of its own based on artificial intelligence to give more precision and reliability to the evaluation of athletes.

The level is a number that goes from one to one hundred (1-100).

An index that measures your level of daily physical activity. How active are you and how active are the rest of the people. As in the rating, it is based on an intelligent algorithm and it goes from one to one hundred (1-100).

OLYMPIA is an ambitious and evolving project. We are now in the launch phase. You can claim your “Universal Sports ID”, start earning Olympia Tokens (OLX) and get sports NFTs playing our “WALK & COLLECT” game. 

As a super-app, OLYMPIA will be constantly evolving, offering new functionalities to its users or enhancing existing services.

In this regard, new applications will be added in the weeks and months to come.

Olympia Care is a department within Olympia that promotes the values of sports according to the original Olympic games where excellence, friendship, respect, trust and equality were the base of success.

 In order to achieve our goals, Olympia Care creates, manages or supports projects enhancing the positive impact of sports on society. We focus on six verticals: grassroots, development through sport, women in sport, education, peace and environment.

 Olympia Care also counts on a team of elite athletes. They are all recognised champions with impressive track records in their respective disciplines. They all share a passion for giving back what sports has brought to their lives. They do so by supporting and participating in Olympia Care projects. As of today we count on international stars coming from tennis, basketball, soccer, judo, biking, badminton, squash and padel.


Olympia Token is a digital token designed to reward people for being more active and not just for winning. Based on your daily activity index the system will reward you in Olympia Tokens.

In the long run, we want to establish the Olympia Token as the currency of sports.

OLX has no proper meaning. It is the abbreviation of the Olympia Token the same way USD is the abbreviation of the US Dollar.

Currently, the OLX is an in-app coin. Once the app is out of the launch phase and the platform is stable, the OLX will migrate to a crypto token.

In-app OLXs will be exported/imported to standard crypto tokens following the ERC-20 standard (Ethereum based token).

You can use OLXs to access premium features and services inside OLYMPIA.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are digital assets that represent unique items, from collectible sports cards to digital sneakers. OLYMPIA uses NFTs extensively. Every object that belongs to users will be converted to a NFT. Badges, achievements, athlete collectibles, game prizes, event tickets, all will be digital tokens that users will own and can be exported outside of Olympia.

This way, we can guarantee that the user is the asset owner. It means the asset can be sold in P2P (peer-to-peer) open markets or showcase to the whole world in total transparency and trust.

Besides OLX as the base token and the NFT based digital items, OLYMPIA uses the Blockchain as a decentralized database. The Universal Sports ID or the sports ratings will be deployed over the Blockchain. It is a transparent and universal way to manage sports data.

In this launch phase, all data and code is in “traditional” cloud services. We need to stabilize the platform and ensure that blockchain technology is capable of managing our services offering an easy and good experience for our users. We need a fast, cheap, user friendly and seamless solution for the long term. We are analyzing Ethereum together with second layer or side chain solutions as Polygon or Immutable X.

Yes, it will be published soon.


It is a “Pokemon Go” like game where people find sport collectibles by walking.

In the first edition of the game we have decided to honor the best athletes in the history of sports. Hiding millions of 3D coins with the names of those heroes. We call this first edition “All Time Athletes”. 

We will progressively launch new collections.

Get in the game and start walking. As you progress the collectibles will appear. By clicking, they will go to your collectibles wallet. In the next version you will be able to trade them with other users.

Yes, there are no geographic restrictions.

Different designs in 3D and with the possibility of an augmented reality (AR) view. There is a limited number of copies of each.

Yes, all the collectibles are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), you are the owner. Soon, you will be able to export them to external wallets.

When you find a collectible we give you an extra reward in Olympia Tokens (OLX). You will see them in your OLX Wallet.

OLYMPIA’s Mission & Vision

OLYMPIA’s mission is to unify the world of Sports around one single Sports ID on the blockchain.

Through the Olympia ID, players can access many services enhancing their experience of Sports. They can also get rewarded for being more physically active earning Olympia Tokens: the currency of Sports.

Finally, the ID processes data to create universal sports indexes such as the activity index or a level rating for each sport. They bring scalability to the entire industry and fun to the players.


The OLYMPIA ecosystem is built with a higher purpose in mind: “To make the world more physically active, healthy and playful. To educate through sports and their values”


The vision & motto of the company is “Make the world play together”

Okay, you wanted it…

The sports industry is one of the largest in the world. While millions of people contribute to it every day, they get nothing in return. Only elite athletes in some sports make a living from their effort and passion. Olympia wants to give people back control of this ecosystem. It will create a sports economy for them and by them, where the values ​​​​prevail and not only success or victory. We believe in empowering people by giving them a chance to live off their contribution. 

OLYMPIA is designing a decentralized sports ecosystem, a complete metaverse with real world interactions. It is built in an easy and fun way to introduce the world to blockchain. In small planned steps, millions of people will be using this magic technology worldwide. The Olympia Token (OLX) will be the basis for that new sports economy, becoming the currency of sports.

It will progressively become a completely autonomous and self-managed organization. OLYMPIA will be a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) managed by the people who create the ecosystem. The sports economy will change forever.

We have a dream that sports and its values can change the world. 

Welcome to the OLYMPIA World.

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